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The Firefox Journal is an extension for Firefox which shows you a combined search-able view of your history and the web, as the default "home" page as well as new tabs.


Most people continue to revisit the same URLs over and over again yet we believe the browser isn't optimized for this behavior. On a highly technical end people are not using a homepage in their browser because of speed and value reasons associated with most homepages. Passwords for web accounts are almost completely unmanageable and people insecurely use the same passwords everywhere.

Browser History

Browser history is important! So important that we should be making better use of it. In Patterns of Revisitation [1] it was found through observation that the recurrence of web page visits overall is around 58% of all web page visits. Meaning that people are going back to the same places around 60% of the time and going to new places around 40% of the time. This is also from a study that dates 1997 and we believe it can be assumed with the increase in web applications that the recurrence rate is even higher now than before.

So history really is important, our assumption is that roughly 60% of the time you're going back to the same places. However an important distinction between the history that is currently saved in your browser and a useful history needs to be visited.

Patterns of Revisitation in World Wide Web Navigation
Design Issues for World Wide Web Navigation Visualization Tools

Useful Browser History

Browser history as a log of visited URLs is valuable, however due to a large number of "junk URLS" it is not as valuable as it could be. In normal web browsing there are lots of web sites that use URLs that cannot be revisited because they are redirects or http POSTs. Because of the "junk URLs" it's become necessary to create a view of the history that is not written for the browser to read again later, but written for the person using the browser to read again later.


For now, see Web Browser Homepage Observations.

Passwords on the Web

Managing website passwords suck! We can fix this!

Blogs and Posts related to the Journal

The firefoxjournal project can be contacted through the mailing list or the member list.
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